Students and staff lament failed brackets


Ryan Gibson

Mrs. Gramley is still all smiles even though her bracket is busted.

Ryan Gibson, Staff Reporter

After the first weekend of the annual March Madness, the common theme is that most brackets are busted. This tournament is similar to most other tournament’s except for the fact that we saw a 16 seed beat a 1 seed for the first time ever. UMBC didn’t just beat Virginia, they demolished them.

Another notable upset was Loyola-Chicago beating sixth seeded Miami with a last second shot and then won again on a last second shot and beat the third seeded Tennessee Volunteers. More notable upsets were Nevada’s and Florida State’s run to the Sweet 16.

Students and staff were asked how their bracket is doing and their pick to win with the teams still remaining in the tournament.

Robbie Henson (11) said, “The bracket I made is not very good after the first weekend, but my pick to win now is Purdue.”

Mrs. Gramley commented, “My bracket in both of my pools is not doing so well, but my champion pick is still in it and that’s Villanova.”

Dani Freeman (12) added, “My bracket is still doing pretty good. I still have three of the four final four teams in my bracket. My championship game is between Michigan and Villanova.”

Dara Kane (11) said, “My picks in my bracket weren’t as good as others, but my pick to win is Villanova.”

Mrs Nikolanci commented, “I still have 3 teams left that I selected in my pool. I still have Michigan, Purdue, and Duke, which the team I have winning.”

Matt Lage (12) added, “ My bracket is not good, but I don’t need to pick a champion because the worlds going to end before the championship game.”

Overall brackets in the school aren’t looking the best, but people are still enjoying the process of watching the madness occur.