Man on the street: your opinions on vaccination


Lizzie is pictured on the left, Alicia on the right.

With the outbreak of measles in the United States, vaccinations are becoming a hot topic among politicians, celebrities, and the general public. As their necessity is become a more and more disputed topic, we decided to see what Wildcats thought on vaccinations.


Alicia Roughton (12)
“Not getting your kids vaccinated is really irresponsible in our society.”

Lizzie Wilson (12)
“I think it’s extremely necessary to be vaccinated.”

Anthony Biddle (12)

“Vaccinations are okay if they’re necessary but some vaccinations aren’t necessary. Like the flu shot.”

Gracie Abraham (12)

“Vaccinations are necessary because it’s a public health concern and it doesn’t just effect who is in your family it effects everyone.”

Jillian Garza (12)

“Parents not vaccinating their kids deprives them of their full health rights.”