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News for Wildcats, by Wildcats.

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News for Wildcats, by Wildcats.

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West Theater’s production of Clue a smash hit

Voltaire Grant
The cast of NCWHS Theater’s latest production Clue outdid themselves with their stunning performance. Although this will be Director Ryan Kerr’s final show at West, he ended on a strong note!

Clue, director Ryan Kerr’s send off to West, outperformed and exceeded expectations with two days selling out of tickets.

“I think it was a spectacular show… [The students] took it on exactly the way I hoped they would and the results spoke for themselves,” Kerr commented.

Mr. Kerr also praised the students for their work citing their dedication and creativity. “I think a good director walks the line between giving the crew and actors a voice and an opportunity to do what they want but also [making sure they’re on track],” he noted.

When asked if there was anybody in particular that went above and beyond he said that, “Everyone rose to the occasion. I don’t know that I could name anybody individually”. He specifically pointed to the understudy performance saying that the audience was “Surprised that that was the understudies.”

He ended by reiterating that “There are just so many talented kids at this school” and that he was “Proud of the work they put in… Im really really happy with the maturity and the sort of dedication that they approach their roles with.”

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