Clinton, Trump win Illinois Primary

Illinois voters headed to the polls on March 16, 2016 voting in Super Tuesday III; regarded as a primary that could define this race, the Land of Lincoln had 69 delegates up for grabs.

Trump lead the Republicans, capturing 38.8% of the votes and 24 delegates. Cruz followed at 30.3%. Wednesday morning, the Associated Press reported that Trump was the only candidate who acquired any delegates Tuesday. However, Kasich collected 19.7% of the total votes, followed by Rubio with 8.7% and “other” with 2.5%.

Clinton won the Democratic race, obtaining 66 delegates, pulling in 50.5% of the total votes. Sanders followed closely behind with 48.7% and 64 delegates; additionally, “other” procured 0.8%.

Contrary to the statewide results, McLean county reported that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders earned 12,396, which translates to 62.4% of the total Democratic votes. On the other side of the isle, Ted Cruz snagged 13,085 votes, or 41.6% of the Republican votes.

The Normal West Social Studies club also hosted an election, with over 300 students voting. Sanders and Trump won, respectively seizing 83% and 43% of the total votes counted.

Illinois was not the only state to head to the polls Tuesday. Florida, North Carolina, Missouri and Ohio also held primaries. Clinton swept Sanders, winning in every state. Kasich won his home state of Ohio, while Trump took Florida, North Carolina and Missouri.

Florida senator Marco Rubio exited the race after failing to win his home state, well, failing to win any state in the primaries.

IL Primary Results Graphic