George 54 takes to the streets of Blono


Paige Meisenheimer

Stephan Block and the crew of George 54 pose in front of Bloomington-Normal’s newest “bustaurant”.

Bloomington-Normal restaurant Two Blokes and a Bus has closed, however co-owner Steffan Block has brought a new “bustaurant” to the streets of the Twin Cities.

 Two Blokes and a Bus was a mobile restaurant on a double decker bus created by Block and his business partner, Jon Fritzen. The pair opened up for business in 2012, but two years later the partnership dissolved.

 Block stated in the Pantagraph, “A business partnership is a lot like a marriage, and we just had different views and ideas and so we went our separate ways. That’s okay. Those things happen. But I’m ready to get back into selling food from the new bus.”

 George 54 now has more seating on the top floor of the bus, in addition to an extra fryer so the food gets done faster.  The “bustaurant” is a more open restaurant, allowing the customers a direct connection with the kitchen staff.

 Block hopes that his latest business venture will have the support of the community, coming back with some of the old favorites such as, fish and chips, steak kabobs and rice. George 54’s menu items all range in price from five to fifteen dollars.

 One of five chefs, Raphael Tenjo, stated to Illinois State University News, “It’s the hardest, most challenging restaurant job I’ve ever worked on and that being said it’s the most fun and most rewarding. We talk to them (the customers), we see how they enjoyed the food and they give us their feedback and it’s a good time, we like having fun with our guests.”

 Former customers of Two Blokes and a Bus rave about the food served from the traditional English styled, double decker bus. When asked for a quick review of the “bustaurant”  Jonathan B. stated, “Steffan and the crew are amazing! The food is fantastic, there is not one bad thing on the menu. Personal favorites are the steak kabobs and the fish and chips, delicious!”

All in all, it seems as if George 54 is a great addition to our local business community, with amazing food and staff.