2014 Boston Marathon: A year since tragedy

The 2014 Boston Marathon was held on April 21st, which is also Patriots Day in Massachusetts. While the run successful, last year’s bombing tragedy is still in the back of our minds.

The Boston Marathon is 26.2 miles across various cities and towns in Massachusetts. Many have been wondering why they would been doing another race after the terrorists attacks. Participants say that they have to move on and come together as a community to help each other compete in such a powerful  event.

Safety percautions have also been a major topic concerning the race. According to www.baa.org/races, have the safety department in Boston was in major action, being more prepared and mroe alert to hep eliminate any potential danger. The local plolice department, fire department and emergency medical technitions made vigorious plans in the event of another incident.

“It’s sad that they have to be over precautions and worried about about a fun, simple race that should be filled with joy and determination. It’s a shame that the city is preparing for the worse. I don’t understand why someone would do such an awful thing to innocent people.”, Krista Wilson (10) said when asked what she thought about the tension concerning the race this year.

When many other students like Krista think about the Boston Marathon, they all think negatively, and the worse possible out come. But one student was positive in his response, thinking on the bright side. Kyle Basses(10) said, “Although the tragedy was terrible last year, I  think the runners this year have more motivation this year in finishing for the late runners who lost their lives in the bombing.  This also makes the running community stronger, working together for a cause that everyone has been through in this country.”

Whether you think that this year’s marathon was full of sorrow or a way to be more motivated, the 2014 Boston Marathon was an event that all Americans can some how relate to. As Americans, this race will always be close to out hearts.