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Domino’s offers free ’emergency pizza’ via the Domino’s app

The Paw Print staff investigates Domino’s ’emergency’ pizza offer in hopes of sharing with the Normal West student body
Domino’s Pizza, Inc.
The largest pizza company in the world is introducing Domino’s Emergency Pizza: a program that offers a free medium two-topping pizza to customers to use whenever they need it most.

Normal West Students: this is a national news update! Dominos is giving away FREE pizza!

Well, kind off.

Let’s say your pizza ends up getting smashed up in the back of the Domino’s delivery car. Wouldn’t you be really upset?

At Dominos, you can order an emergency pizza via the Dominos app, by getting Dominos rewards. Here are some instructions on how to get all of these rewards:

Any Domino’s customer who places a qualifying online order can earn an Emergency Pizza from now through Feb. 11, 2024. Customers can then redeem it from their Domino’s Rewards account.

Domino’s recently launched Domino’s Rewards, its new and improved loyalty program, which gives members even more opportunities to earn and redeem points, as well as exclusive access to member-only deals like Emergency Pizza.

Here is how to earn and redeem a Domino’s Emergency Pizza:

Step 1: Place a delivery order online, or a digital carryout order of $7.99 or more. Customers will automatically earn a Domino’s Emergency Pizza after the order goes through. 

Step 2: To claim their Domino’s Emergency Pizza, customers must sign into or join Domino’s Rewards within seven days.

Step 3: They should then visit the “My Deals & Rewards” page under their Domino’s Rewards account to redeem their Emergency Pizza within 30 days. To sign up for Domino’s Rewards, visit For more information about Domino’s Emergency Pizza program, visit As you can see, it is convenient and affordable. Get it now while you can.

However, we have asked some Normal West students about some of their favorite pizza toppings, pizza places in town, and a lot more. They have some really cool answers. If you want to participate, check out the polls below to tell us your favorite pizza toppings or place.

What’s your favorite pizza topping? Why?

  • Simon Davis  (12)- “Pepperoni because its good on its own”
  • Ashley Gonzales (12)- “Pepperoni and sausage, it’s a treat for my family to get it”

What’s your favorite pizza place in town? Why?

  • Simon Davis (12) – “Monical’s because they add chives and cilantro plus the flavor of their thin crust is better than anyone else’s.”
  • Ethne Waters (11)- “Flinger’s or Firehouse, Flinger’s for their poofy crust and Firehouse for their chicken bacon ranch pizza.”
  • Arin Cassel (11) – “Little Caesar’s for personal nostalgia.”

What’s your least favorite pizza topping? Why?

  • Tatum Gaines (12)- “Pineapple, fruit and pizza don’t mix.”
  • Nick Ruehle (11)- “Green peppers specifically if on it’s own.”
  • Piper Churchill (11)- “Sauce, I hate tomatoes with a passion.”
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