Wildcats prepare for spring finals


Sophomore Hannah Monagle studying for her Spanish final. Photo by Grace Hensley.

Grace Hensley, Staff Reporter

As the end of the school year is approaching, so are finals.  It’s pretty safe to say that in almost any school, final exams are dreaded.  Throughout the years, different exams have begun to take over the traditional scantron or multiple choice test.  

Many teachers give exams differently.  It can range from a presentation to a test, and the material can range from just one unit to the whole year’s worth of work.  Sometimes, teachers even give a project and a test.

End of the year projects are not always classified as a final exam, but are sometimes as stressful or even more than regular tests.  Some can make or break a grade.

According to senior Kyra Norman, “I have a lot of projects due in my classes, it almost feels like I’m taking finals.  Since I am a senior, I get to be exempt from finals if I have an A or B in the class and have only missed 6 or less days this year, which I qualify for. I’m going to miss high school, but I am not going to miss the stress of preparing for a test or finishing projects.”  

Some students prefer projects over test, and vice versa.  Finals are usually worth 10% to 20% of a final grade.

Sophomore Hannah Monagle said, “In most of my classes we are just doing standard scantron tests or fill in the blank on a piece of paper.  In a lot of my classes we are doing projects and finals, for example, in my English class we are doing a project and talking about the two books we read this semester.  In U.S. history, we are doing a debate to prepare for our final.”

Finals are going to take place on  Friday May 18th, Monday May 21st, and Tuesday May 22nd.  There will be a half day of school on May 23rd after finals are over.