Bloomington’s Cravin’ Donuts

Essence Lewis, Staff Writer

A new donut shop  has opened in downtown Bloomington: Cravin’ Donuts.

Cravin’ Donuts is located at 405 N. Main St.,  the former home of Sugar Mama’s Bakery. Owner Roy Probus stated to the Pantagraph, “We have always wanted to open our own doughnut shop. We have been thinking about it for about four years or so.”

With specialty and original donuts, Cravin’ has amazing prices  and a variety of drinks! A regular donut costs around one dollar and specialty donuts go for about two dollars a pop.

The donuts offered at the store differ from day to day with donuts like Andes Mint, Maple Bacon, Red Velvet, Almond Joy, Coffee Break, etc. Junior Lacy Hickman stated, “I went there last week with a group of friends and it was amazing. Everyone tried something different with all types of crazy toppings. Plus really good donuts without breaking the bank is nice.”

Cravin’ Donuts opens at 6:30 am and closes at 2 pm. With a child friendly environment, customers can either can sit in the store and eat, or order their donuts to go.

Normal West alumni Khori Walker said, “I first had these donuts at my job because a co-worker brought a box of them in, raving about how great they were. And everyone loved it so much that donuts on Saturday mornings is becoming more common.”

Normal West Junior Alexis Bruun added, “I tried the Maple Bacon donut yesterday and it was amazing. I wasn’t expecting anything too exciting for the price, but I was definitely not disappointed.”

With the new opening of Cravin’ Donuts in downtown Bloomington Normal West students are loving the new store. Despite the limited hours people are urged to try out their new local donut shop.

Donuts from Cravin' Donuts in downtown Bloomington. Photo credit: Riley Davis
Donuts from Cravin’ Donuts in downtown Bloomington.
Photo credit: Riley Davis