Adult coloring books gain popularity

An example of a design from a coloring book.

An example of a design from a coloring book.

In the past six months adult coloring books have become the latest thing to talk about and an easy purchase with a creative way to relieve stress.  This newest trend has anywhere from teenagers to the elderly relieving stress and bringing them back to their childhood.  But what makes it so great?

Besides the fact that it’s an effortless pastime, it has multiple health benefits. By coloring, fine motor skills are used to stay inside the lines while also encouraging the mind to focus. This activity has been used by professionals in the psychological field.

According to CNN, Jason Abrams, an account manager in a New York City public relations firm, explained how in his line of work it is extremely stressful keeping up schedules and the deadlines.  To counteract this pressure he has organized a time every Friday where he and his team get together to color in the adult based books.

When commenting on his reasoning for this time that is set aside, he claimed, “We’ll meet in the conference room on Friday afternoons, and get our coloring session in … to help relieve the stress”.

Although most people who are using this tactic think it’s a great new idea, the fact of the matter is therapeutic scientists have been using art therapy for decades to help people who can’t express their feelings to put it into words, or to color… a form of artistry.  The benefit of coloring books is all the individual has to do is color inside the lines; leaving no room to be able to call themselves “bad artists”.

As children grow into young adults, they tend to become extensively corrupt with newly profound responsibilities. People lose their creative, playful side that they once had when they were a child. Adult coloring books lets the users reminisce, and resembles the childhood play that is able to take them back into that frame of mind.

Senior Bria Frenchwood, when asked what she liked most about adult coloring books, she said, “On top of school, I work long shifts and have to take care of my family. This gives me the opportunity to relax after a long, stressful day and reminisce on my childhood days that I wish I could go back to.”

Recently, adult coloring book sales are at an all time high, offering healthy ways to cope with stress, relax your mind, and re-live childhood memories. Whether it’s coloring inside the lines or outside the lines, adult coloring books are a hot seller.