No Shave November in full growth


Noah McLaughin

Brandon Cary (12) poses with his shaved face as he is ready for a month without shaving to support the American Cancer Society, photo by Noah McLaughlin.

Students and faculty at Normal West are joining the national campaign to not shave all month in an effort to spread cancer awareness. No Shave November is a campaign in which participants refrain from shaving and donate the money that they would otherwise spend on razors and shaving cream to the American Cancer Society.


Many students and members of the faculty choose to participate in the event every year. Participant Brandon Cary (12)  said, “I enjoy doing this because it’s nice to be able to give to charity while also doing something that is fun.”


The tradition began just over a decade ago in Australia and since then it has grown to become a national phenomenon that helps people to become more aware of the cause. When asked about how she felt about No Shave November, Sarah Yoder (11) said, “I am a big fan of this event because it’s nice to see people donating money to a good cause.”


There are some people who aren’t aware of what No Shave November is all about so it’s important that people who are participating make sure to inform others on the cause. Abby Craig (12) said, “I didn’t even know that No Shave November was about raising money for the American Cancer Society, but it’s good to know that so many people are supporting this cause.


So many people are affected by cancer every year whether it’s directly being diagnosed or knowing someone who has been diagnosed. The American Cancer Society is a group that has come together to raise money for all of these people.


No Shave November is a tradition that will continue to be fun for everyone who participates and will also be an efficient way to spread awareness for the American Cancer Society.