Normal West Wildcats gone fishing

 The fishing team is a great club for anyone in any grade at Normal West to join. It is offered to all grades and welcomes anyone. It is a club to relax and just have a good time fishing. Mr. Tim Sennett is the leader of the club. The fishing team meets after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and each time they meet, they fish at the pond by West, Heartland pond, Lake Bloomington, or Miller Park.

The first tournament that the fishing team will attend is on April 12th at Clinton Lake called the U of I tournament. Lucas Norris is one of the members and he said, “We started about two weeks ago, so I am feeling ready for or first tournament. The U of I tournament is a little different from other ones because at this tournament you do not have to have a leader or supervisor in your boat with you.”

At fishing tournaments the goal is to catch the heaviest and longest fish. After you have caught all your fish, you see which five are the largest. Then you compare with everyone else and whoever has the most fish that meet the weight and length requirements will win.

The ISU lake tournament is on April 25th and Sectionals is on May 1st. Something interesting about the ISU lake tournament is that it is a fundraiser. It is a 50 dollar entry fee. Tim Sennett said, “This is my favorite tournament. It is the last one before Sectionals, so all the members have had a lot of practice and are super determined.”

The state tournament is May 15-16 and the team is hoping to send one or two members. Lucas Norris said, “I went to sectionals last year and there was a lot of competition so I can only imagine the competition at state.”