Signing Day a big hit


Students put their name and school on a card and then hung them on the senior cafeteria.

On Thursday, Normal West seniors participated had “Signing Day” during their lunch periods.  The students signed their name next to the college that they will be attending. Seniors celebrated by eating cookies and drinking punch.

They also entered contests where they could win gift cards and cash prizes.  Students also put their name and where they’re going on a card and hung them on the wall in the senior cafeteria.

This year’s class is attending different schools all across the nation.  From coast to coast, Normal West will be represented well.

Normal West senior, Justin deDianous, is attending Cal-Poly in California next year.  He said, “I can’t wait to get out there.  I leave in the summer to take some classes because of swim, so I get a head start on my studies.  I’m mostly excited about the nice weather and to get out of Illinois.”  It seems like a main selling point to go out of the state for good weather.

“I’m looking forward to staying close to home next year.  ISU is a good place for me because I’m never too far away from my parents so if I need anything I can just run home really fast,” said senior Matt Peterson.  Many students are staying close to home and going to either Heartland, ISU, and Illinois Wesleyan.

“Heartland wasn’t exactly my first choice of colleges, but in the end I think it’s going to be a smart decision.  I’ll look at transferring to either ISU or another state school once I finish my two years there,” senior Brett Griener said about attending Heartland Community College next year.  Heartland a smart way to get the first two years of schooling done.  You get the general education courses out of the way for a much cheaper cost.  Heartland is a well renowned community college in the state of Illinois and works well with state schools to get the requirements students need to transfer into other schools.

Students are going to school all across the United States.  Anywhere from California to Florida to Texas.