West students weigh in on most inspirational teachers


High school is one of the most influential periods in young people’s lives, and teachers play an extremely important role in making their mark. It’s no secret that Normal West has a lot of great teachers and faculty members that enrich the student body, but there are several teachers in particular who prove to be the most memorable.  Students took the time to input their opinions on which they believed were, to them, the most inspirational teachers of Normal West.

Normal West junior Kiley Bronke stated, “Of all my teachers, I really liked Mr. Weber when I had him as a freshman. I was too scared to take honors but I considered switching out, but he had a great class so I didn’t. He made me see science in a new way. He sparked a bit of passion in me about a subject that I never really liked, which I think is because he has such a passion for it. He made me appreciate science a lot more and was a very encouraging teacher.”

She wasn’t the only student who felt this way about her teachers. Kyrin Tucker (12), also felt as if a teacher helped to make a mark on his life and make learning a better experience. He commented, “Ms. Hyland is my favorite, she’s always helpful and helps students as best as she can no matter what the subject is.”

Another student agreed with Tucker about the importance of having a teacher willing to help out no matter what. Junior student Lindsey Keiser stated about her chemistry teacher Mrs. King, “She is really a great teacher, she will automatically explain everything to me and teach it and reteach it to me all the time if I need it. She goes through everything well and she’s always really helpful.”

All the students interviewed added that their favorite teachers all had one thing in common: they were always willing and eager to help out students, no matter how confused or behind the student was, and they were able to help without making the student feel bad about not getting it the first time.

But it’s not just teachers in subjects like math, English, and science that inspire.  Physical education coaches, drama teachers, and music directors also helped give students passion.

Nathan Scanlon (11) said, “Mr. Budzinski is my favorite because he’s great. He has a great approach to music.”  The Normal West Band is enormous, and the dedication and time of every director is greatly appreciated by all of the students.

Whether in music or in math, great teachers are plentiful at West.  They’re certainly not hard to find, and while every student and every teacher is different, when they work together, great things can happen.  Wildcats around the school are happy to offer their sincere thanks to their favorite teachers at the end of the year- for changing their grades, and for changing their lives.