NCWHS FCCLA proves to be a success


NCWHS boasts of having many extracurriculars, one of those being FCCLA. Community service-oriented, the Family Career and Community Leaders of America is a club which combines leadership abilities with community services and is run by the NCWHS consumer education department. The group champions itself for being the only student-led organization at Normal West.

FCCLA club president Tiffany Anderson (11) said,  “Being in FCCLA allows me to not only hone my own leadership abilities, but I can do community service and help out the community in that way while also learning how to lead; it’s very fulfilling. In the future I would like to do even more community service than what we’ve done in the past as well as get more regular members because it would be easier to do more group activities and community service with more people. I think we’ve accomplished a lot and I feel good about the community service we’ve done.”

Senior Tasmin McGill also talked about FCCLA, saying, “This year I enjoyed getting to help others in our community. Our Valentine’s Day cards this year for Evergreen Place was the most exciting thing we did all year! It was one of the greatest feelings in the world when we delivered them. This year I hope we can end on a great note for the end of this chapter of FCCLA. I would love to join an FCCLA chapter when I go to college as well.”

Maddie Inselmann (11) said, “Getting to help others in our community is the best part of FCCLA. I enjoyed making the cards for the nursing home because they might not have gotten one otherwise, and next year I hope we have more active members and help with more volunteering.”

The FCCLA club has a state conference on Friday, April 11 and they are cutting fruit on Tuesday, April 15 for the Breakfast of Champions and are being honored for it the following Wednesday for doing it for ten years straight.