Deadpool gains popularity and controversy


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Scene from Marvel’s Deadpool.

Marvel’s most unconventional anti-hero, Deadpool has made nearly $500 million worldwide in theaters, but has millions of mixed reviews.

Originally from Marvel comics, Deadpool was made into a movie and came out in theaters on February 12, 2016. Unlike most superhero movies Deadpool, was rated R because of it’s strong violence, language, sexual content, and nudity.

Actor Ryan Reynolds called Deadpool the independent film of the superhero movie-verse. In comparing Deadpool to an independent film Reynolds doesn’t mean the film is mostly or completely outside of the major film studio system, but that the movie isn’t the typical superhero story.

Critics have stated that superhero movies are becoming too formulaic, predictable, and alike. But Deadpool is said to break that barrier. Typically in a superhero storyline, a good guy loves a girl, somebody evil does something terrible to him. Then the good guy seeks revenge. The bad guy endangers the girl. In the end he good guy saves the girl and defeats the bad guy. With some flashbacks in between.

The difference in Deadpool is Deadpool doesn’t even want to be a superhero, the characters use an endless amount of sarcasm and jokes, and violence and sex are used for comedic effect. The movie was even banned in China due to it’s R rating.

The success came as a surprise because while in production it wasn’t predicted to do so well.  As a smaller project, Deadpool also had a limited budget. Compared to other superhero movies Deadpool was made on an $58 million dollar budget unlike a $75 million to $100 million dollar budget.

When asked why Deadpool is so successful, Normal West alumnus Khori Walker stated, “I believe the movie is popular because it is more mature. Not mature as in serious, it just wasn’t really for kids which is why it is rated R. I think the movie was targeted towards young adults and adults who are tired of seeing kiddy movies. Marvel had a different audience to appeal to, which is why the movie being more alternative, anti-hero, and it’s different types of comedy worked out.”

On the other hand, some critics weren’t too fond of the crude humor and inappropriate content. Junior Jon Smith stated, “I wouldn’t say the movie was terrible, but the humor just wasn’t for me. I’m surprised how many kids I saw in the theater with their parents. Like their parents consented to them watching the movie then acted shocked when certain parts happened. The action side of the movie was great. But the movie as a whole is very hit or miss with people.”

Even with mixed opinions on Deadpool the audience must judge for themselves. Deadpool has made nearly $500 million dollars and may even break the box office record for rated R movies. And with it’s popularity, Deadpool may have opened the door for more rated R superhero movies.

Arentio Ferguson as Superman and Eric Kiesewetter as Deadpool for Normal West homecoming.
Arentio Ferguson as Superman and Eric Kiesewetter as Deadpool for Normal West homecoming.