New shows and movies coming to Netflix


A image of a television screen and the Netflix logo appearing on the screen.

As summer approaches Netflix is bringing in new movies/films and new shows or new seasons of shows already aired on the movie/tv show streaming network.

Prepare yourselves for new movie marathons and binge watching the new seasons of your favorite shows and all new tv shows.

Some movies students are excited about include: Legally Blonde (May 2), Legally Blonde 2: Red White & Blonde (May 2), The Boxtrolls (May 23), The Lizzie Mcguire Movie (May 8), and Give Me Shelter (May 13).

“I am so pumped to relive my childhood while watching all my favorite childhood movies,” said Tiffany Anderson (12). “I’m going to watch The Lizzie Mcguire Movie so many times.”

The new seasons of tv shows that will be added include: Royal Pains: season six (May 3), Shameless: season ten (May 5), and Dance Moms: season two (May 14).

Some new shows coming to Netflix are Witnesses, Grace and Frankie, American Restoration, and Modern Marvels.

“I’m just really excited for Modern Marvels,” Patrick Liptka (10). “The shows about superheroes and such and who doesn’t like superheros and other cool things like that.”

Some of the most popular shows to binge watch are Breaking Bad and Orange Is The New Black. According to the Huffington Post, Buffy The Vampire Slayer was the most binge watched show on Netflix, and Grey’s Anatomy comes in a close second.

Grey’s Anatomy is so good,” explained Ally McSwain (10). “It is literally the best I have watched ever and the guys aren’t ugly so that makes it even more enjoyable.”

Expect to spend a lot of your time on Netflix these next couples months with all the new shows and movies that will be coming this spring and summer.