Super Bowl 49 highlights the best and worst advertising


Photo courtesy of Forbes

One of Budweiser’s famous Clydesdales bonds with a puppy, the star of their commercial this year.

If you find yourself talking about Super Bowl commercials over the next week, you are not alone. Every year on Super Bowl Sunday hundreds of advertisers across the globe try to win over viewers using humor, intelligence, or even triggering tears.

This year the Super Bowl attracted more than 110 million viewers and the average cost for 30-seconds of screen time was $4.5 million, so this impression is everything for potential buyers. But just like the Super Bowl, there are winners and losers.


BUDWEISER- Like every year, Budweiser used its typical puppy and Clydesdale combination to tear at your heartstrings. The commercial shows a Yellow Labrador Puppy chasing after the iconic Budweiser Clydesdales that are being moved to a different stable away from him. It depicts the love and friendship that the horses and puppy share while Sleeping at Last’s song, “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles),” plays in the background. NCWHS senior Rachel Schuette says that this is her favorite commercial of the year. “It was really cute and I like how attached the horses were to the puppy.”

CHEVROLET- Imagine you’re watching the Super Bowl and then all of a sudden your television screen glitches. This is exactly what the automaker wanted you to believe was happening with its surprise ad right before kickoff. The commercial began with what appeared to be a live game feed that suddenly turned to static and then a blank screen. It actually turned out to be a trick t to highlight the Chevrolet Colorado’s new 4G LTE Wi-Fi, showing that viewers can now view the game in their car if needed.

MCDONALD’S- This advertisement surrounds a new promotion at McDonald’s. This promotion will randomly select participants who bring business to their stores. They will exchange a free meal for an act of love, such as calling your mother and telling her you love her. NCWHS senior Emily Bangen says that the McDonald’s ad is her favorite. “I think it’s a really cool idea; to give people the opportunity for a free meal just by showing some love.”

SNICKER’S- Recreating the Brady Bunch episode where Marcia gets hit in the nose with a football, Snicker’s advertises their one-of-a-kind chocolate bar. Danny Trejo plays Marcia in the ad and actor Steve Buscemi plays Jan, her sister.


NATIONWIDE: In a very serious ad, the commercial followed a boy who would never learn to fly, ride his bike, travel the world with his best friend, or even grow up all because he died in an accident. Aiming to prevent childhood deaths, Nationwide was out of place to talk about early death in context with the Super Bowl.

VALEANT PHARMACEUTICALS: This was an ad for toe fungus treatment in which animated toes play football. If you’re going to make a commercial about fungus it needs to be funny, and this just wasn’t.

There were also Super Bowl viewers who were overall unsatisfied with the famous commercials this year. NCWHS senior Zach Schwarz said, “I didn’t really like the commercials this year. They weren’t good,” when asked what his favorite ad was.

Whether you watched the Super Bowl because of your love for football or just merely to see the commercials, this year’s ads surely lived up to most people’s expectations.