Wildcats going down the “Old Town Road”

Gina Dauenheimer, Staff Reporter

In, 2018 the 19-year-old rapper Lil Nas X released the song ‘Old Town Road’, but it just became viral in 2019. 

Lil Nas X song is all over ‘Tik Tok’, an app where users can create videos and lip sync to popular hits.  The song is a mix between rap and country which makes it even popular for midwest-country Wildcats. The song is stuck in everyone’s head. Even famous people started notice how viral this song went. Billy Ray Cyrus just released a remix of the track, after the song got removed from Billboards country charts. Cyrus tweeted that he wants to support the young rapper and let the song be a country song.

Senior Sarah Hodgen said, ”It’s a catchy song. Most people are talking about it by saying they misheard the lyrics. There is a lot of humor around the remix and how Miley Cyrus’ dad sang a few lines in it. Around West, people are talking about always playing it and basically making fun of it.”

Lexia Aranda(12) said, “ The song came out of nowhere to me. It targets a big age gap of rap listeners which I believe is another reason it’s become a song people will remember in the future.”

One thing is sure, were going to hear this song more often at West. If in the parking lot, classrooms or hallways, Wildcats will go down the ‘Old Town Road’ for at least a couple of weeks.