Live Justice, Live Keaton

Keaton Knuth, Staff Reporter

Hey guys! My name is Keaton Knuth and I will be writing this component each week to tell the story of an average high school student, who also happens to work at Justice.

Being the only male working at a little girls’ clothing store comes with a lot of interesting stories to tell after each shift. For example one Saturday, I was folding clothes that were returned earlier in the day. In the midst of doing, this my coworker Jessie was checking a family out.

The family consisted of a grandma, her son and his younger daughter. The little girl was running around the store like a maniac and her father kept telling her to knock it off. After about the fifth time of him saying this he turned to me, makes dead eye contact and says “Ugh. I should’ve never had this kid. Nah I’m just playing, but 10 out of 10, I wouldn’t recommend. Nah I’m just playing, do you have any kids?” As he said this I looked to my manager thinking he was speaking to her; he wasn’t.

I turned back to him and started to laugh. I told him no that I didn’t have kids and that I was a junior in high school. His eyes got real big and his mouth dropped to the floor. He tried to say something but was in shock as I continued to laugh. He then said “Oh lord I am so sorry. Oof, you don’t look like a high school student. I did not know that.”

He continued to say “I did not know that” every couple seconds until they left the store. Once they were gone Jessie and I started to laughing so hard that we were crying.

As the night came to an end, we continued to laugh about the man and making jokes about how I “looked like a father”.

That’s all for this week, but remember to check back next week in order to Live Justice, Live Keaton.