Team Wildcat

Ryan Gibson, Staff Reporter

Guest writing for Emily this week is me, Ryan Gibson. Check out the weekly lunch reviews to see her try her hand at writing for me.  So now in normal Emily fashion were going to start with the normal intro and normal questions.

The teaching staff at here at West is a team. Each day, teachers come into school ready to face the task of educating the Wildcat youth. Working together to teach students, staff members talk, plan and attack classroom challenges each day. So who are these team players? Each week, I’ll ask a series of questions to get to know two different staff members, one male and one female. Let’s get to know the teachers and see just who is apart of the wildcat teaching staff.

Name: Nathan Fincham

Subject: Science

Classes: Biology and Earth and Space

Skills: Good at getting along with others

Hobbies: Fishing with his boys and golfing

Height: 6’2

College: Aurora University

Years working at West: 9

Achilles heel: Starburst Jelly beans




Name: Tara Hafermann

Job: Librarian, “IMCologist”

Skills: Putting books in alphabetical order

Hobbies: reading and going to kids sporting events

Height: 5’10

College: ISU

Years working at West: 16

Achilles heel: Kids leaving garbage in her plants or on the floor