Food Reviews

Ryan Gibson, Staff Reporter

Cheese pizza and curly noodles

The Normal Nest lunch staff gave the students the dish that was on the menu, but lets be honest this pizza didn’t have the best taste. Lets start with the cheese that was on top. The cheese was burned, and it must’ve been forgotten in the oven or where ever it was made because wow it was burned. Then moving on to the pizza sauce. Some might say what pizza sauce because there was hardly any on the pizza. Now for the curly noodles, another fail to this dish. The noodles were served cold and not even luke warm like it usually is. The two components of this dish were failed which leaves this lunch receiving one star out of five.


Spicy chicken patty on a bun and tater tots

Where do I begin with this dish… ah yes lets start with the wheat bun. Thanks Michelle. Anyways the bun easily falls apart when one picks up the sandwich and takes a bite. The spicy chicken patty isn’t called spicy for nothing. It really lives up to the label. The chicken has the similar taste like all the other chicken platters we have at West, except this was spicy. The tater tots were a good addition to the dish and were well fried giving it that good crunch. I would recommend ranch with both of these components. This dish would receive three and a half stars out of five.