Wildcats’ advice on how to make friends in high school

Abby Traum, Staff Reporter

The high school experience can be really fun if you share it with your friends. A group of Wildcats were asked to give some advice on how to make new friends while in high school.

Kylie Phend (10): “Find people with common interests and don’t let anyone treat you bad or push you around.”

Logan Moore (10): “Stick to people that like the same things as you. Popularity isn’t that big in high school, find people you like and spend time with them.”

Damontaye Boothe (10): “Just be yourself.”

David Pelagio (10): “Don’t be fake, be real and have fun.”

Bianca Garcia (10): “Don’t worry about it, in the long-run you probably won’t have contact with anyone after high school.”