Lunch reviews of the week

Ryan Gibson, Staff Reporter

Cheesy garlic flatbread pizza and curly noodles

As always, the Normal West lunch ladies outdid themselves with the side of curly noodles. When the curly noodles were presented as a side in a previous dish it didn’t meet prior expectations, due to the noodles being cold and tasteless. This time the noodles had the buttery taste students are accustomed to. The flat bread tasted great. The cheese was well-melted which makes your taste buds tingle. The bottom crust of the flatbread pizza was well done and was crunchy, which I was lucky enough to get the well done piece of pizza. The marinara sauce adds flavor to the pizza, but may not be needed because of the flavor already in the dish. Overall this dish would receive 4 1/2 stars out of 5.

Monte Cristo and pasta salad

This Monte Cristo sandwich is not like ones you would have at home. The sandwich is flavorless and the bread is rock hard. You practically have to get through cement to get to the cheese and meat of the sandwich. Soft pieces would’ve been nice, but that didn’t happen. The pasta salad should be at room temperature, but this pasta salad was cold and just came straight out of the freezer. The side and the main dish were both misses and made this dish lackluster. This dish would receive one star out of five stars.