How to avoid senioritis

Hannah Sieg, Staff Reporter

With the school year winding down, it’s hard to avoid what some people might call “senioritis”. This is when seniors start to feel a lack of motivation during their second semester. At this point in the year most seniors are ready to leave high school and move onto college, therefore causing senioritis. Although senioritis is difficult to avoid, it’s not an ideal way to end your senior year. Here’s how to avoid senioritis:

  1. Try to pretend it’s like any other semester

Admit it, we’ve all lost our motivation at the end of every semester in high school. But what keeps us going is wanting to get a good grade on our finals so we can end the class with a good grade. If you have that same motivation this last semester, it’ll make your classes a lot easier, and you most likely won’t have to take finals!

      2. Participate in out of school activities

Going to out of school activities like sporting events, school dances, or the school musical can help get your mind off of your stressful school work. It’s also the last time you’ll be able to attend Normal West activities so make the most of it!

      3. Stay positive!

Overall, if you have a positive mindset the rest of the year, there’s no way you’ll be plagued with senioritis. Go into every school day wanting to be productive. Also go into everyday wanting to have a good time. If you follow these three steps you’ll be destined to have a great end to your senior year – without senioritis!