Weekly food reviews

Ryan Gibson, Staff Reporter

Post Prom buffet

After the dance it’s nice to look forward to the wide variety of food. First, let’s start with the main dishes. The first thing I tasted was the Giordano’s pizza. At first glance it looked like good slices of pizza, but after the first taste, it was apparent that this pizza was sitting out for awhile-the cheese had hardened. The buffet also had gondolas from La Gondola. The gondolas had also been sitting out for some time, but it still tasted the same. The buffet also had snacks and desserts. The snacks included popcorn and chips from Moe’s. These really hit the spot about two hours into the post prom activities. The best thing that came from the buffet was the cookies from Grove Street Bakery. Those cookies were the highlight of the buffet. Even though some of the items had been sitting out for a while the buffet would receive 4 stars out of 5, because the food hit the spot for being up late in the night.

Spicy chicken tenders with garlic toast and mashed potatoes

Before you begin to eat this lunch prepare your taste buds because this dish is actually spicy. Although the plate only contains three strips of chicken it will fill you up. The strips combined with either ketchup or ranch will make them taste even better than they already are. Moving on to the mashed potatoes, the potatoes are divine. The gravy then completes the potatoes with a dash of pepper. The garlic toast has seen an increase of size within the last school year, which is greatly appreciated from the students. Overall this dish would receive a 4 out of 5 stars.