How to survive 30 degree weather in April

Hannah Sieg, Staff Reporter

Spring was supposed to begin a month ago on March 20. But mother nature seems to have other plans because we have had multiple different seasons hit us throughout the month of April. Although we have dealt with nearly all four seasons this month, April has had an average of 30 degree weather, and Illinoisans are not used to it. Here’s how to survive this 30 degree weather in April.  

  1. Cry a little bit

Trust me, it’s hard to accept the fact that it’s still snowing this late in the year. It’s not fair we have to suffer with this weather and it’s okay if you need to cry a little bit. Everyone understands because they’re suffering just as much as you are.

      2.  Always carry a coat with you

Since the weather can’t make up its mind, it’s always safe to carry a coat or jacket with you at all times. Just this past week we have enjoyed 70 degree weather, but suffered with 20 degree weather and snow. Expect the unexpected!

      3.  Stay positive!

Everyone knows it’s very hard to stay positive with this weather. But if you continue to look at the forecast for the next few weeks, it’s supposed to be getting warmer. Even though you’re bundled up in blankets and coats this month, remind yourself in a few weeks you could be wearing shorts and a t-shirt! Stay positive Wildcats!