Top 10 Slang Words of the Week

Amaya Michelon, Staff Reporter

Our top ten favorite weekly slang words from

  1. Blamestorming- Usually in a business setting, when someone is trying to identify who was to blame for something that went wrong or created the problem, rather than trying to brainstorm a solution.
  2. Bromance- Two heterosexual males with a close relationship that it may look romantic. Ex. Joey and Chandler from Friends. 
  3. Earjacking- Eavesdropping on a conversation you have no business being in OR forcing your friends to listen to bad music.
  4. Finesse- The ability to smooth-talk, persuade, or maneuver something to your advantage
  5. Gaydar- Similar to a sonar in dolphins, the innate ability to detect homosexuality in other people.
  6. Hangry- A state of mind when you’re angry because you are hungry.
  7. Hot mess- A situation, behavior, or appearance in a disastrous state. Ex. An attractive individual who doesn’t have their stuff together.
  8. Knosh- To eat a meal.
  9. One-upper- An individual who responds to hearing someone else’s story by telling a similar story that’s more fantastic.
  10. Ratchet- A diva who believes she is every man’s dreams.