Lunch reviews of the week

Ryan Gibson, Staff Reporter

Chicken rings with sweet and sour sauce, Asian rice, and a fortune cookie

The plate of food may look sketchy but the components compliment each other for a good lunch. I’m not quite sure where the chicken “ring” comes from but it still has the same taste of the famous lunch dish of chicken nuggets. The sweet and sour sauce combined with the rings  is not as good as the usual asian dish combo. The fortune cookie wasn’t too bad either, but the fortune didn’t really mean much to me. The dish was held back by the clump of fried rice with bland favoring. This dish would get 3 stars out of 5.

Crispy dill chicken sandwich

After getting this lunch I was expecting the same old bland chicken patty that is served in every chicken based lunch. This sandwich defied my expectation of the Normal West chicken. After taking the first bite, I was shocked by the taste of somewhat real chicken. After you get further into the sandwich the dill taste begins to set in, and that taste is delicious. The chicken is so tasty that you completely forget about the whole wheat bun (Thanks Michelle Obama). This meal is would receive a 4.5 stars out of 5