Ten things to do over spring break

Chelsie Watkins, Staff Reporter

  1. Read a book

Books are a great way to sit back and relax on your time off.

  1. Look at dogs online

Dogs are amazing and beautiful so this is an obvious activity everyone should do.

  1. Hang out with friends

Unless you don’t have friends. If so, revisit number 2 on this list.

  1. Plant some flowers

Flowers are very nice to have in the spring time if it ever gets warm enough outside to plant them.

  1. Go to the dog park and meet dogs

Eventually looking at dogs online gets a bit depressing, so going to look at dogs in person is a nice time

  1. Go on vacation

Gulf Shores, Alabama is a great place. 10 out of 10.

  1.  Go shopping out of town

In case you haven’t noticed, the mall in our town is not good. So, go find another one to go to.

  1. Watch a movie

I recommend all of the Harry Potter movies.

  1.  Adopt a dog

Now that you have seen dogs online and in person, you may be very sad that you don’t have your own dog. Remember-adopt, don’t shop.

  1. Sleep

School is exhausting, so this is probably the most important.