How to survive the week before spring break

Hannah Sieg, Staff Reporter

The week before spring break is always one of the worst weeks for students. They start to look forward to the week off of school, and have no motivation to do any school work. Here are some simple steps on how to survive this long, dreadful week of school:

1.) You could convince your teachers to not give you work this week

This week is a dreadful one for teachers as well. They’re just as close to break as you are. So if you complain enough, you could possibly persuade them to not give you work for a few days, or maybe even the whole week.

2.) Remind yourself that a week from now, you could be in a different state or country

Knowing that right now you’re working hard in school, and a week from now you could be on a beach or at the top of the Eiffel Tower, seems pretty cool. Know that being on vacation will be an amazing reward for the hard work you’ve been doing. It could also be motivating and help push you through this week.

3.) Honestly, just try to forget spring break is next week

Of course we all want to think about spring break next week. But maybe treating this week like a normal one will help it fly by! Next thing you know you’ll have a week and a half off of school and life will be great.