How do Wildcats deal with stress?

Abby Traum, Staff Reporter

Being a high school student can be very stressful. With homework deadlines, tests and your upcoming football game you may have a lot to tackle. With all this stress it’s important to find healthy ways to cope, or ways to distract yourself from it.

How do you deal with stress as a high-schooler?

Maggie Mchale (10): “I make sure to take breaks while working, or just throughout the day to relax.”

Jordan Wehmeier (10): “I usually take a break to play video games or go on social media.”

Grayson Bittner (10): “I like to run.”

Jack Courtad (10): “I vent my problems to my friends so I’m less stressed out.”

Andy Sprouls (10): “Listen to a lot of music.”