7 ways to get through the end of the school year

Grace Hensley, Staff Reporter

Stay up as late as you can

Needing 8 hours of sleep is a myth.  School starts at 8:30, there’s no need to go to sleep any earlier than you might on weekends.  You’ll feel just the same as you would if you got 3 hours of sleep vs. 8 hours of sleep.

Don’t do your homework

Teachers give you homework because they don’t like you.  Not because they want you to learn. So the solution is simple; do the opposite of what they want you to do.  

Choose which classes you want to go to

If a certain class is stressing you out, don’t go.  It’s as easy as that. Take that stress away by avoiding the problem because that’s always the best way to approach any issue you might ever face.  

Don’t ask any questions, no matter how confused you are

If you’re doing an assignment in class and are confused with the material, do not ever ask anyone else for help.  Not even the teacher. Just take a guess and hope for the best.  Think of it this way; there’s nobody better to trust than yourself.  

Show up late to every single class

You probably aren’t missing anything important.  Plus, who doesn’t love all the attention of walking into class 20 minutes late in the middle of a lesson?

Don’t be organized

If you really need something for a class, like a calculator or a paper, it will come up eventually.  

Be rude to any teacher or classmate that tries to talk to you

If you’re rude to them the first couple times they try to talk to you, chances are they won’t talk to you again.  You don’t need anybody to distract you.

Writers note: please do not follow any of these tips.  In fact, do the opposite. Get enough sleep, do required homework (this will help you on future tests, believe me), go to all of your classes, ask when you need help, arrive to class on time, be organized, and be kind to the people around you.  Even though some students may do some of these things, it’s just making the last few months of the school year more difficult.