Wildcats share about favorite fall sports


Emily Bauman

Junior Riley Nichols shares about how she enjoys to watch college basketball in the fall.

Jacob Tomera, Staff Reporter

“I love to watch postseason baseball”, said junior Julian Uribe,”I’m really excited to see how far the Dodgers get this year.”

Senior Erin Van Draska shared her thoughts: “My favorite sport in the fall is basketball, both men’s and women’s, and both college and the pros. I like to watch the sport more than play it, so I don’t feel bad when I’m yelling at the TV.”

“My favorite sport in the fall is college basketball,”said junior Riley Nichols. “My brother played at FSU, so it’s something I’ve been doing for a while.”

Senior Madison Tomlin said,”watching Normal West football is one of my favorite things to do in the fall, the student section can get cramped, but I still have fun.”

“Hands down, nothing beats postseason baseball,” said junior Lennon Pile. ”Other people say it’s boring, but it’s really not if you understand the game. MLB baseball in October has a whole different atmosphere