Wildcats on the street identify 2nd semester difficulties

Jon Stewart and Alex Barth, Staff Reporters

During this man on the street we asked many students what is the biggest challenge of second semester. Their answers varied as each student is different. However the seniors that were interviewed were very similar with their answers.

Senior Dayton Tynan said, “The hardest part for me has to be showing up. No it isn’t just a senior thing it’s been a two or three year deal. It’s mostly because I’m always tired and want to sleep, but I come anyway and sometimes I stay home. That however is rare because my want for not taking finals is greater than my want for sleep.”

When asked what his biggest struggle is, senior Luke Underhill said. ”The biggest struggle for me has to be senioritis. It is a plague and it has hit me hard. It’s the hardest thing to overcome and I just don’t want to try anymore, but I try just to get by.”


Senior Luke Underhill as he struggles through the day (Photo by Alex Barth).

Senior Ethan Severns was asked his biggest struggle. “It has to be the homework. There is just so much of it and so little motivation.”

Junior Micheal Dixon said, “the hardest part of second semester for me is definitely my work ethic. It’s hard to stay focused and consistent with all the nice weather and things like baseball and other summer sports coming up.”

Senior Jordan Wright said the hardest part for him was “the fact it’s so close to graduation. It really has made me try less hard, and the fact it’s so nice out and boring here makes it hard to focus in class. I also think it’s partially senior-itis, because I haven’t really had this problem, or at least to this extent, in prior years.”

Overall, it’s safe to say that the nice weather and the end of the year are affecting academic achievement and motivation.