Students Favorite Sports and Why

Noah McLaughlin and Jake Canfield

We asked several students what their favorite sports were and why. We decided that all Normal West students would enjoy this question because of how much of our student body participates in athletics. We asked the question to over ten different people and we were pleasantly surprised to find that students at Normal West enjoy a variety of different sports. Although football and basketball may be the most popular of sports according to students, it was interesting to see how a unique sport such as water polo was represented in this survey. Of the responses, here are five of them:

When asking Andrew Loy (12) what his favorite sport to watch is he said,”Water Polo because it takes incredible skill and they have to hold their waists above water the entire time.”

Tyler Jones(12) said,” Baseball because it’s entertaining to watch them play. It’s longer than most sports so it can become more intense.”

Alec Calendar (12) said,” Football because I like to see people get knocked out.”

Sabrina Poston (12),”Volleyball because I’ve played it since I was a little kid and it takes a lot of team work for a team to be successful.”

David Wilburn (12) said,”I like basketball because it’s very fun to play and very interesting to watch.”

Nick Hogan (12) said,” WNBA because I like to see which girls can beat me up.”


Seniors Abby Craig (left) and Sabrina Poston (right) say that volleyball is their favorite sport to watch. Photo by Noah McLaughlin


Seniors Devin Jefferson (front) and Nick Hogan (back) share their love for female sports. Photo by Noah McLaughlin