Favorite Show from Childhood

With the incredible amount of television shows on the air now, and with programs such as Netflix or Hulu, watching TV is easier than ever.

However, even with the extreme amount of television, it is still nice to look back sometimes and remember what used to captivate our attention.

We asked Wildcats what their favorite television show was from when they were kids. Here are some of the responses.

Abrie Klink (12) – “I liked Hannah Montana. I always used to wish I had a double life and I wanted to be a pop star.”

Abby Craig (12) – “When I was a kid I liked Bob the Builder because they talked about building and creating new things.”

Sabrina Poston (12) – “I loved The Rugrats. It was so cute with little kids and how they would go on adventures. It emphasized the need for imagination.”

Kristi Wettstone (12) – “I liked Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide because it was super funny and realistic and it told me a lot about high school.”

Sydney Benchley (12) – “SpongeBob SquarePants was always my favoritebecause it was funny and always made me laugh. It was always entertaining, always kept my attention.”

Skyler Wright (12) – “I used to like Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood because it calmed me down when I was a child.

Jon Olson (12) – “When I was a kid, I liked Johnny Bravo because he had the same name and hair as me.”


Normal West students discuss and reminisce about the shows that they watched as children.


Wildcats Colleen Svob, Jon Olson (left), and Kailey Brandon (right) eat lunch and remember their favorite childhood shows.