Favorite memes of the Wildcats


Briana Turcotte

Hailey Hampton, a junior at Normal West, shared her opinion and reenacted sad Pepe.

Briana Turcotte and Riley Foil

Throughout space and time, memes have been created. These memes have become very popular among Wildcats. Here are a few responses from the student body.

Kate Stephens (11): “Kermit, hands down is my favorite, but only when he’s sipping the tea and minding his own business. You can apply him to anything, especially in sketchy situations.”

A popular meme, that’s mentioned in the interviews.

Jaylyn Bland (11): “My favorite is the Kim K crying one, it pretty much sums up my whole life and is a perfect reaction picture in every situation.”

Hailey Hampton (11): “The sad Pepe is up there for me, I love Pepe. I am Pepe. Another good one is the one where Briana Turcotte looks like an egg, but that’s not a popular one.”

Angie Elsaadany (11): “The girl sitting an waiting is the best one, it’s relatable. It’s also super funny.

Mr. Bierbaum, laughing the whole entire time: “The frog one with the tea, it’s just so sarcastic and makes a good point. It’s precisely sarcastic and extremely on point.”