After high school plans

April 21, 2016

We went around the school and asked students what their plans were after they graduated high school. Of course everyone is expected to go to college but some people have different plans for themselves. Here are what some students said their plans were:

Alexus Roberts (11) said, “I plan on going to Arizona state and majoring in radiology, work in a hospital. I want to eventually get married and start a family.”

Jaylyn Bland (11) said, “I plan on going to Heartland to save money and later transfer to a University.”

Tresior Newson (9) said, “I want to get drafted into the WNBA and then try and find a husband who plans in the NBA so we can have kids.”

Corae Davis (12) said, “I’m planning on going to heartland to study early childhood development, social working, and maybe special education.”

Tamra Jones (12) said, “I want to join the National Guard after high school so I can stay active.”


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