Block Scheduling Opinions

Sabrina Poston, loves the block scheduling!

Sabrina Poston, loves the block scheduling!

On Tuesday, April 5th through Tuesday, April 12, Normal West was testing out block scheduling as it was administering the PARCC exams. We went and asked seniors for their opinions on block scheduling, what they liked and disliked, and what could possible be improved.

“I hated it, the day dragged on for thirty years.” – Emily Ramsey (12)

“I liked it because I had two days to finish my work and in my more difficult classes we were able to cover more material.” – Abrie Klink (12)

“I loved it because I had less homework everyday, it wasn’t the same boring thing everyday. I was able to leave early which is better preparation for college.” – Sabrina Poston (12)

“I hated how I couldn’t leave study hall, I also thought it was harder to focus on the material and it was exhausting.” – Brooklyn Bane (12)

“I liked it because it was similar to college courses which are longer, and you don’t go to everyday.” – Abby Craig (12)

“I liked how I got out early, I didn’t like how I was forced to stay in study hall for 90 minutes and wasn’t able to leave.” – David Willburn (12)

Senior Emily Ramsey voices her opinion on block scheduling.