Wildcats share their resolutions


Aubrey Starkey looks forward to achieving her goals this year.

Hannah Sparrow

With the new year comes new resolutions and goals. However, with being over a month into the new year, many people do not stick with these commitments. 

I asked some Wildcats and West staff what their resolutions are and how they have been successful or unsuccessful in following through with them.

While most resolutions seem to be health and weight loss related, some at West have unusual thoughts. 

“My resolution for 2020 is to try to put myself before others,” said Keaton Knuth (12). “I don’t want to be selfish, but I need to focus on bettering myself before I try being in a relationship or anything. So far so good.”

“It’s important to me this year to say yes more!” said Mrs. Sharer-Barbee, “I found myself saying no to my daughter and finding excuses to not be in the moment with her and I don’t want that.”

“It’s more of a goal, but I hope I get a job,” said Aubrey Starkey (12). “I’ve been looking. Unfortunately, no one has called me back yet.”

“I want to eat healthier like everyone else says,” said Carrie Smolen (10), “but I want to enjoy it. I’m going to start looking for new recipes to make at home.”

“I’m not a fan of resolutions and I don’t want to call it that exactly but I would like to become more understanding,” said Amara Sheppard (12). “I find myself getting impatient easily and having negative thoughts about people when I really shouldn’t.” 

“I try making this resolution every year but I’m actually sticking with it this year,” said Kylie Phend (12) “My resolution is to turn all of my school work in on time. It’s senior year, so it’s about time I started.” 

“My resolution is to sleep better,” said Amon Brock (11). “I always go to bed super late and I have really felt that drag me down lately.”

Whether these Wildcats stick to their resolutions or not, it should be noted that realizing a positive change needs to be made is a part of growth and great way to ring in the new year.