Word on the ‘Street’

Officer Amanda Street

Officer Amanda Street

Destinee Bateson, Staff Reporter

At the start of the school year, a new face was seen in the halls of Normal West. Officer Amanda Street of the Normal Police Department is the new Wildcat school resource officer, but is not new to law enforcement. “I was hired in June of 2002. So I’m in my 18th year on the force,” said officer Street.

Even though this is Street’s first year here at the school she said, “I have always wanted to be a school resource officer.”

Officer Amanda Street interacts with West students in the halls on a daily basis.

Officer Street graduated from Normal West in 1997. She was the photo editor on the newspaper staff. After high school, she originally wanted to be a teacher or music recording engineer. “I became interested in law enforcement because I wanted to help people,” said Street.

Her father was an Illinois State trooper and eventually followed in his footsteeps.  “After I became a police officer, I earned a criminal justice degree from ISU,” said Street.

Officer Street said, “The behavior has mostly been good and most are happy to be here, but sometimes students make bad decisions.” 

Officer Street said, “I like to defuse problems by talking instead of using force. Usually, we can talk things out instead of using force.” 

Wildcat faculty and students are glad to have her in the halls at West.

“I personally have never talked with Officer Street, but I know that some students here talk with her if they ever have a problem that needs solving. They know that she will handle the situation peacefully and calmly, and they just trust her in general,” said Max Wiesner (11).