FiT Club encourages female athletes to stay in shape and have fun doing it

Hannah Kinsell-See, Staff Reporter

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If you are a female athlete at Normal West and would like to stay in shape before or after season, then FiT Club is a place for you. Females in Training, run by Coach Schermann, meets 2-3 times a week and do a variety of different workouts and exercises such as the weight room, cardio room, and even yoga.

Typically on Tuesdays and Thursdays, FiT Club meets in the weight room, and Mondays and Wednesdays are cardio days. Softball player Ellie Freymann (11), who attends FiT Club, says cardio days usually consist of sprints or long distance runs. 

“My favorite cardio day is Monday because we do long distance runs outside. It’s actually really peaceful for me and it doesn’t feel like I’m working out,” she says.

On Fridays it’s usually whatever workouts Coach Schermann or other coaches wish to do. Sometimes they like to do yoga to relax after a long hard week at school. 

“I really love FiT Club because I get to exercise with my friends from my softball team, but also get to exercise with other female athletes, and make new friends,” Freymann explains. Feel free to email Coach Schermann, [email protected], if you are interested in joining.