Toes out, but the sun is still away


Senior Bella Delsasso sports her Birkenstocks with Paige Wallarab.

Hannah Sparrow, Staff Reporter

Spring has not quite sprung in central Illinois, but that has not stopped high school students from dressing in their favorite warm weather fashions.

Beginning the week at a whopping 40 degrees I saw a countless number of bare toes lurking about in the Normal West halls. There’s nothing that makes me chuckle more than a weather confused 15 year old girl; often times sporting sweater on top and jeans with sandals on bottom or perhaps even an athletic short, chunky sweatshirt, and flip flops.

While I am all about ‘feelin yoself’ the un-pedicured toes sitting next to me in 7th hour algebra is not appreciated.

I wanted to pick the brain of an “open toe shoe in March” wearing teen. “I love when the snow is off the ground and I can start wearing my Birks and Chacos!”, said Kyra Doherty (11).

The snow may have melted away but the brisk 40 degree air blowing around does not inspire me to show my toes to the world. I’d think that would be common sense, but with my generation, I’m surprised over and over again.

Another sandal related hurdle I enjoy trying to jump is just how hypocritical these young ladies [and occasionally men] can be when it comes to foot fashion. I recall the now popular Birkenstocks being labeled as “grandma shoes” just three years ago, and now I see them being worn on what seems to be every high school girl, alongside their reusable Dunkin Donuts tumbler.

If these sandals haven’t already socially sanctioned themselves enough with teens, they have been recently rocked with a sundress and denim jacket on designated team dress-up days… not only are they “fashionable”, they’re “dressy”!

Do me a favor and keep those puppies tucked away until we reach at least 65, thank you!