Spring musical to tell a ‘Tale as Old as Time’


Hannah Sparrow, Staff Reporter

The cast is set for the 2019 spring musical, “Beauty and the Beast”.

Belle, the female lead, will be played by freshman Sylvia Techmanski and junior, Jack Courtad is cast to play male lead, Beast. Noah Moss (10), Peter Van Scoyoc (11), Keaton Knuth (11), Levi Miller (11), and Jason Boomgarden (12) will take on the well known roles of Maurice, Gaston, Lefou, Lumiere, and Cogsworth, respectively, there are 49 students in the ensemble and 12 other named roles.

I have never been a lead in a musical or play! All of this is new to me, but exciting,” said Techmanski. “I’ve been parading around my house singing Disney songs all this month. Who knew I’d be cast to be a Disney princess?”

Courtad is looking forward to taking on the role of the Beast, “I didn’t expect this part but I’m glad I’ll get to step into the shows of the misunderstood Beast who turns to out be a sweetheart prince.”

The prince and princess of the show plan to spend the next few months rehearsing and immersing into their characters.

“Getting into the mind of Belle will be easy,” said Techmanski, “I just have to be myself as much as possible. I feel very similar to her. I always have a book in my hand.”

Courtad says he plans to “watch different versions of “Beauty and the Beast” and take bits and pieces of each then give it my own flare.”

This cast will take the stage in 4 public performance, the first weekend in May.

“We invite you all to be our guest!” said Courtad.