The Masked Singer unveils new hit singing competition

Emily Bauman, staff reporter

Winter television premieres brought many new shows, one of which has captivated the attention of fans nationwide: The Masked Singer. The premise of the show is similar to that of many singing competitions: contestants sing, get voted on and then one (or two in the most recent simi-finale) get eliminated. The most unique aspect of the Masked Singer is that all celebrity contestants are celebrities dressed in costumes hiding their identity, requiring the audience to guess who is under the mask.

Airing on FOX, the show premiered on January 2 consisting of 12 anonymous contestants comprised of actors, singers, comedians, authors, and athletes. Despite knowing that contestants are famous and well-known figures under the masks, it was up to the audience and panel to determine who was under the mask with only a series of hints and the sound of their voice when singing.

The masks and costumes were designed by Marina Toybina, an Emmy winning costume creator, making the game of guessing more difficult. This season’s costumes include Bee, Monster, Peacock, Rabbit, Alien, Pineapple, Unicorn, Lion, Raven, Poodle, Deer and Hippo.

The only thing I can tell based on looking at the contestants is their height and general body shape,” said Claire Meyer (12). “That’s not much to go off of”.

Other than the contestant’s height, their identities were hidden from everyone, including the judges and the host. Sitting on the judging panel are singer-songwriter Robin Thicke, television personality Jenny McCarthy, actor and comedian Ken Jeong, recording artist Nicole Scherzinger, and Nick Cannon as host.

Discovering the hidden talent of the contestants in the masks, fans quickly found themselves struggling to identify some contestants while others were guessed correctly from the first episode.

“It’s addicting!” said junior Reagan Miles. “I hadn’t heard of it until a coworker brought it up and told me to watch it. I’ve been hooked ever since”.

With the show coming to an end this Wednesday, fans are looking to see who the winner of the show is, but more importantly who is under each mask. The top three finalists remaining are the Peacock, the Monster, and the Bee.

Leading up to the season finale all other contenders have been unmasked to reveal: Joey Fatone, Rumer Willis, La Toya Jackson, Ricki Lake, Tori Spelling, Margaret Cho, Terry Bradshaw, Tommy Chong, and Antonio Brown.

Luckily for fans who may not have identified their favorite celebs, they get another chance as they can expect more.  FOX announced it was renewed for another season with their ratings on a steady rise.

The Korean inspired show has became a new favorite for many American households as there is really no other show like it currently airing. Tune in Wednesday, February 27th on FOX to see how this show ends.