Seniors say goodbye to Normal West

Hannah Sieg, Staff Reporter

Goodbyes are always the hardest parts of life. No matter if it’s a goodbye to a loved one, a hometown, a family member, a pet, or whatever else; they all hurt.

In a couple of weeks seniors have to experience not just one, but two, maybe even three, hard goodbyes. We’ll officially be saying goodbye to Normal West high school: the teachers, coaches, memories, and friends that came along with it.

Many seniors are ready to say goodbye and get out of here. As for me, my experience at Normal West has been a great one. I’m not necessarily ready to say goodbye to everything and everyone, but I know it’s time to.

Normal West and the staff

Saying goodbye to Normal West isn’t just going to be about my friends or the memories made here. It’s also about saying goodbye to the teachers and coaches who have helped me experience life as a high schooler.

The first day at a new school is terrifying for everyone, but I was lucky enough to know a few coaches and teachers who worked at Normal West before becoming a student. This helped my transition into high school a lot smoother and I’ll forever be grateful for that.

As the years went on, I met new teachers and had different coaches, definitely some I’ll never forget.

Mr. Fincham, who I know secretly hated my Earth and Space science class, but always knew how to have a good laugh with us. Mr. Hallatt, who is a pro at his teaching job and also caring for his students, maybe sometimes a little too much.

My volleyball coaches, Coach Mueller and Utesch, who have been there for me through it all. They’ve taught me how to become a leader and pushed me on and off the court. They’re definitely some volleyball coaches I’ll always remember.

And lastly, Mr. Hoder, who is laid back, but will put you in your place when he needs to. He was also a fatherly figure to me and my journalism class; full of terrible dad jokes but also the most caring teacher I’ve ever had.

This is a goodbye and a thank you to the teachers and coaches who have helped to shape me into the person I am now.

Normal West and the friends

One of the hardest goodbyes will be leaving the friends I’ve made here at West. I know I’m definitely not the same person I was when I started here, and that’s caused me to lose and gain some friends. These have been by my side when making memories here.

Through the good times, like Friday night football games and school dances. We’ve definitely learned how to have a good time.

They’ve also been there through the tough times, like taking the SAT or struggling through the loss of a close friend.

Through it all, we’ve stuck together and learned how to deal with difficult parts of life most people our age shouldn’t have to go through.

I’m so thankful I’ve had such a strong, supporting friends throughout the years.

Normal West and the memories

I never thought I’d have a hard time leaving this school. But due to the crazy amount of memories I’ve made here, it’s going to be quite the struggle. Normal West has been my home these past four years and I’m not ready to let go of the memories it holds.

On the last day of school I’ll walk through these halls and reminisce. I want to remember these memories I’m leaving behind.

I’ll walk through the gym and remember the rush I felt as I played volleyball on that floor, but also as I stood in the bleachers cheering on my basketball team.

I’ll stand in the cafeteria and think about how iconic chicken nugget days were and how awesome it felt to finally sit in the senior cafeteria.

I’ll go down to the auditorium and remember how heartbroken I was watching the senior band concerts, but also remember watching our talented theatre program perform Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Then as I walk down the senior hallway one last time, I’ll walk past my senior brick that I’d painted just the week before and remember: I’ll always be a part of Normal West.

Thank you to the Normal West staff and also the friends I’ve met here who have been a huge part of my life. As weird as it is saying this, I’ll definitely miss this school and all the memories I’ve made here. But it’s time to make some new ones. Thank you and goodbye to Normal West, but hello to the future and all it holds.