How the people at West have helped me through the years

Carlie Krzeminski, Staff Reporter

I knew walking into those doors the first day it would change my life in ways I wasn’t ready for. Nervous and scared to get lost going to my first class, I was the last one to class and sat right in the back where no one could see me. I sat next to Jenna Kirkwood, who at the time was just a girl to me but ended up being the one who broke me out of my shell.

Four years later I am still super close with Jenna and we talk everyday. So, I guess not much has changed since freshman year. I have learned more about myself and into someone who I wasn’t sure I would become.

The students and teachers have helped me grow into the person I am today, friends have come and gone. Fights and break-ups have happened. But in the end I am incredibly grateful for the people I have met and got the chance to meet.

From all the sleepovers and late night sneak outs, to the shoulders to cry on when I needed them most, to the trips to others towns and states, to the sharing of clothes and secrets. Friends have been there through it all. I wouldn’t have been able to get through these four years without them, especially this year.

Looking up to seniors my freshman year and thinking that it is so far away. Little did most of us know that those four years would fly by in a blink of an eye. Those four years turned into four weeks which turned into one final week before finals, it’s crazy how time flies.

The relationships formed through the years are with some of the best people I have met, and I have become close with people who I would have never expected to become close with. Its crazy how that happens.

As time comes to a close this year and goodbyes are starting to be said, I look back at the memories and laugh because without those friends, the goodbyes wouldn’t be so hard.

I would like to thank Normal West for giving me the opportunity that I have had to meet so many incredible people who have helped me in ways I couldn’t even imagine. Not even just the students but the teachers have made a huge impact on me as well. Getting close with the staff and being able to go to them if I need to talk or just need help in a class was always beneficial to me.

I’ll miss being able to talk to Mrs. Long about life and her giving advice or letting me know how much she cared. Mr. Hallatt helping with math at anytime of the day. I’ll miss seeing Mrs. Gramley and Mrs. Rudge everyday to help run passes when I was supposed to be in study hall. But, I will especially miss Mr. Hoder,  who has gotten lucky enough to not only have me for two years of my high school career but to have me twice in one semester. I’ll miss his daily roast sessions in Journalism, the dance parties making fun of Ryan, and rushing to turn in that article that was due mid week at the end of the hour. I will definitely miss the friendships that have been formed in that class and being able to talk and make fun of each other with Hannah and Ryan.

These will be the things I look back on when I think about high school: the memories that make me smile and it is over before you know it. I won’t remember the break ups that I thought were the end of the world or the fights I got into with friends. I’ll remember being happy with my friends and being able to laugh my way through the years with the help of people from Normal West.

So, thank you Normal West, students and teachers, for helping me get through these past four years and helping me be able to shape me into the person I am today and help me in the future.