A final goodbye

Amaya Michelon, Staff Reporter

Four years of awful classes, schedules, and annoying people are finally coming to an end! Of course, there will be some things I miss, I’ll miss the cookies… and then I guess a more appropriate thing to say is I’ll miss people. The teachers that I actually liked, Mama Nichols, my friends that I might never see again because I’m lazy and don’t want to try and reach out and find them, the underclassmen that I took a liking to.

Everyone says you’re passing such a huge milestone and I guess you kind of are, considering you’re moving out and becoming an adult and going off on your own, but I guess the change hasn’t hit me yet. Graduating? That’s fine. Moving out? That’s fine. Sometimes I think something might be wrong and I’ll get a late reaction and feel like I missed out on important last minute high school things but then I go…….. Nah.

If I have to give some advice, I’m going to say that you’re going to start figuring that you can’t trust a lot of people, but there will be a few that are really there for you and go on to mean the world to you. If you want to do a sport, that’s cool, but don’t think you’re like a celebrity just because you play it. Not everyone cares that you can spike a ball over a net,  hit a home run, or make a touchdown.

Life is a lot easier without drama, try and avoid it even if it seems like you can’t.  Sometimes you need to be the bigger person and just walk away from it. A secret of mine that I’ll share with you is, I don’t get the hype for chicken nugget day. They’re just chicken nuggets, there’s better stuff.

When it comes to making a senior brick, I chose not to. Some are super cool and creative, but most of them are just showing where someone is going to school, the reality is, most of them probably dropped out anyway. If you do a brick have it really mean something to you. Not something that you think will impress others because that’s why they give you a brick, so you can leave your mark on the school.

Wrapping things up I can say, I will not miss high school. I’m ready for things bigger and brighter in the future and I’m ready for them now.