What class and grade would you teach, why?

Autumn Johnston, Staff Reporter

Question asked to the social studies teachers:  If you could teach any class what would it be why and what age group?

Teachers sometimes regret the classes they chose to teach therefore it is interesting to see what class and age group they would like to teach. Many teachers tend to want to teach younger kids when they are in high school, but when they become a senior and get to know how difficult and how much patients they need to have they tend to change to a more mature or older students.

Mr. Berardi said, “I would like to teach Theoretical Space Science because I think that it is a fascinating ;to take scientific principles and use them in ways that are more than just regulating them back to the teacher plus its school .I would like to teach this to seniors because freshman give me a rash.”

Mr. Hess stated, “ I would teach high school PE so I can use the weight room; I would also teach Lifestyle Management.”

“English because I like reading and I would teach middle school children,” said Mrs. Geiselman